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Between them these have almost everything you could want to know:

The Regional and Public Galleries Association of New South Wales
"The Regional and Public Galleries Association of New South Wales represents the 40 member galleries, all of whom are non-profit organisations intent on making important contributions to the cultural life of their regions."

Good one bec. Here are some websites? useful maybe 
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Arts NSW
"Arts NSW is the NSW Government's arts policy and funding body and is a part of the new Communities NSW. Arts NSW aims to foster a spirited arts and cultural environment, which values our artists and our heritage, which builds community, excites our imagination and inspires our future."

Museums & Galleries NSW
"Museums & Galleries NSW (M&G NSW) is the leading agency to develop, support and promote regional, community and public museums and galleries across NSW. We present strategic programs, advocacy and services to a valued, viable and skilled sector."

Regional Arts NSW
"Regional Arts NSW is the peak body for regional arts activity in NSW. 
Based in Sydney, it provides a range of services and represents a state-wide network of Regional Arts Boards (RABs) in the key areas of:

  • Advocacy
  • Capacity building
  • Communications
  • Support"

Regional Arts Australia
"Regional Arts Australia is the key national body representing the broad and complex interests and concerns of those working with and for the arts in regional, rural and remote Australia. "

Information+ Cultural Exchange
"ICE works at the junction of arts, technology and community to empower the creative producers of Western Sydney. Our purpose is to work with communities and creative producers in Western Sydney to create media, art and culture".

Grants from Regional Galleries

Hold the system by the ankles and shake it!

Regional Galleries- Grants, Awards and other Opportunities

Country Arts Support Program (CASP) – who can apply: incorporated not for profit organisations and local government authorities, groups/ensembles and unincorporated associations with a nominated auspicing body, tertiary institutions (for community based projects only), P&C committes and other incorporated bodies for community projects involving school students
More for like, groups setting up events for art lovers and appreciators
PROP UPS – a Quick Response Performing Arts Grants -  has to do with the above, same thing
Regional Arts Fud (RAF)who’s elligible? Organisations/agencies/groups, be or have an auspicing organisation that is legally constitued or currently operational, adequately insured people? And an artist who is based or conducting a project in regional nsw. Grants are usually around $19,000
Regional Arts Fud (RAF) - Quick Response Grantsgrants up to $1500 on short notice hence “quick”, unlike the CASP stuff, the money is for artists fees and associated costs. Regionally based individual artists and arts based workers with experience can apply
Sutherland Shire – Community Arts Grants: Cultural Development Project, Cultural Seeding Grant, Community Cultural Event, Rental Subsidy, Purchase of Equipment, Minor Capital Works
Liverpool plains area – Artstart a biennial funding program that enables Arts North West to offer small grants for arts and skills workshops aimed at young people between the ages of 12 and 24. The funds will mainly be used to support workshop programs for young people aged 12-24 years from our region, in a range of arts and cultural activities leading up to and during the ARTSTART 2009 NSW Youth Arts and Skills Festival in September.
West Darling Arts - OUTBACK ART PRIZE - $15,000 1st prize, $2,500 2nd prize, $800 “encouragement award”
Albury Regional Art Gallery - National Photography Prize
ACU National Gallery @ Strathfield - The Strathfield Photographic Prize
Campbelltown Arts Centre - Fisher's Ghost Art Award - Annual art award open to artists Australia wide with prize money in excess of $33,000. Categories include; Aboriginal, Photography, schools (primary & secondary), sculpture, contemporary, local artists and the open category
Coffs Harbour Regional Gallery - Eutick Memorial Still Life Award (EMSLA) - the Coffs Harbour Regional Gallery's own prize for Still Life artists, promotes excellence and innovation in Australian still life. It enjoyed a phenomenal inaugural response in 2007 and received over 300 entries in 2008. The EMSLA is generously funded by Gallery benefactor Dr Mal Eutick. The award is acquisitive and the winning works enter the Coffs Harbour Regional Gallery collection. Prizes $10,000 2x $5,000, $2,000 &  $500
Gosford Regional GalleryGrants from the council range from “Community and Cultural Development Grants”, community printing, found here
Goulburn Regional Art Gallery – Goulbourn Art Award
Griffith Regional Art Gallery – NATIONAL CONTEMPORARY JEWELLERY AWARD – open to all artists in australia
Muswellbrook  - Muswellbrook Local Art Awards
Mosman Art Gallery – Mosman Art Prize & Youth Art Prize - The Mosman Art Prize is an annual, acquisitive award for painting sponsored by Mosman Municipal Council. Established in 1947, the Prize is one of the oldest and most prestigious, local government art awards in Australia. The Mosman Art Prize has a value of $20,000. Entrants in the Mosman Art Prize are also eligible to be considered for: Allan Gamble Memorial Art Prize (built environment) $3,000, Viewers’ Choice Prize $1,000, Commendation Prize $1,000, Young Emerging Artist’s Award $1,000. Youth art Prize is for arists 12-20
Manly Art Gallery & Museum - Theo Batten Youth Art Award and the Manly Art Gallery & Museum Society Youth Art Award – Awarded to HSC students in the area, so not for us. awwwwwwww
Wagga Wagga Art Gallery - Ranamok Glass Prize 2010 – According to the good folks at the WWAG as I call it “the Ranamok Glass Prize is the foremost annual aquisitive award for glass artists in Australia and New Zealand.  The works on display illustrate the incredible innovation, imagination and skill of the most renowned contemporary glass artists” neat
Western Village YMCA – Go West Award – pretty difficult prize to win, take the spark from love, make the rain fall up ‘cause that’s easier to do
Wollongong Art Gallery - Wollongong City Gallery Photographic Prize

Correspondence with Regional Galleries around Australia

Ella was nice enough to bother every single Regional in Australia for you ingrates! here's what happened:

Summary of contact with Regional Galleries, Very nice people!

Example email (each one was actually personalized)

Dear Mosman Art Gallery,

My name is Gabriella Hirst, I am currently a fine arts student at the College of Fine Arts (CoFA). For our class on Professional Practise, I am performing research into Sydney regional galleries and the opportunities that galleries such as Mosman Art Gallery can provide for young emerging artists.

I am aware of awards such as the Mosman Youth Art Prize and the Mosman Art Prize. The prize is a great asset for emerging artists in the region, however I am curious to know if there are any other opportunities on offer that artists in the first few years of their practise may be able to proffer from. For example, mentorship programs, scholarships, residencies, curatorial options, etcetera.

Also, if you have any advice on how a young artists may go about working with/approaching a regional gallery such as Mosman Art Gallery it would be very much appreciated. Through our research we wish to help young artists graduating from our year to appreciate the regional gallery system and what it can offer that inner city galleries cannot.
Thank you so much for your time!

Kind Regards,

Gabriella Hirst
GlassHouse Regional Gallery, Port Maquarie
Hi Gabriella
Our exhibition program is developed as a three tier structure
Internation/national high profile= invitation, Collection loans, Aboriginal
Touring, usually toured by the larger touring agencies
Regional and community. In house curatorium and community access program featuring local artists or artists who have a link with the region, Aboriginal.

We usually would not exhibit an unknown solo artist from outside the region. Unless there was something out of the ordinary and pertinent to our program.
However we would like to hold a graduate exhibition, or recent graduates from one of the metro centre institutions which highlights innovation and a new fresh aproach.

I find well developed exhibition packages with innovative pub programs, edu kits, associated talks and wshops is always tantalising
Hope this helps
Best wishes

Broken Hill Regional Gallery
Hi Gabriella,

At this point in time our exhibition program focuses on three major themes:

        High quality incoming curated touring exhibitions generally sourced from major institutions or other regional art galleries
        Curated exhibitions by regional artists from the far West of New South Wales (the Gallery has been under pressure to accommodate local and regional artists for some time and there is a growing population of local artists, both indigenous and non-indigenous vying for exhibition space)
        Community based exhibitions and art prizes, including indigenous and on-indigenous artists from the Far West region, along with smaller window gallery exhibitions generated through our public programs (art classes and workshops)

The Gallery does offer a short residency once a year as a part of our funding agreement with Arts NSW, however, this has generally gone to an established Australian artist with a strong interest in the Outback and the Broken Hill culture and history. Currently we don’t have the resources to offer more, although the region has a couple of other opportunities for visiting artists through the UNSW Fowler’s Gap Arid Zone Research Station (1.25 hours by car north of Broken Hill and there are opportunities for accommodation at the Broken Hill Art Exchange

The region also offers a range of affordable accommodation opportunities available at (keep in mind that Kennedy Miller is filming the fourth Mad Max instalment here from February for several months and they will have around 300-400 crew staying in town). There are many attractive destinations, including several stunning national parks, remote villages and of course the desert.

Otherwise, the Gallery is happy to receive exhibition proposals from artists. These should include a rationale, brief CV, and images of work to be exhibited or work in progress. Proposals will be considered by our Art Gallery Advisory Committee in the context of our forward planning – the Gallery plans ahead up to 2 years and beyond.

The Gallery will also consider proposals for Gallery based internships, however, these will be considered in relation to available tasks and how they impact on the staff establishment and their duties. It should be noted that we are a smaller Regional Gallery with limited resources and our program is structured around these and the demand for access from within our region and in the context of the Broken Hill City Council’s rate base population.

All the best.

Bruce Tindale
Art Gallery Manager

Maitland Regional Art Gallery
HI Gabriella, in response to your questions below please see my answers to your questions in blue.

If you have any other questions please feel free to call me and we can talk.

cheers Kim
Dear Maitland Regional Art Gallery,

My name is Gabriella Hirst, I am currently a fine arts student at the College of Fine Arts (CoFA). For our class on Professional Practise, I am performing research into Sydney regional galleries and the opportunities that galleries such as Maitland Regional Art Gallery can provide for young emerging artists.  

Maitland Regioanl Art Gallery (MRAG) is now one of the leading regional art galleries in NSW. We now offer 11 exhibition spaces covering almost 3000sqm accross two floors and three wings. Our exhibition spaces include the Art Factory which incorporates two exhibitions spaces and two workshop spaces dedicated to art programming for children and young people. Accross the facility we have an average of 32 exhibitions a year, each running for approx 8 weeks.  

I am curious to know if there are any opportunities on offer that artists in the first few years of their practise may be able to proffer from. For example, mentorship programs, scholarships, residencies, curatorial options, art prizes, etcetera. 

MRAG offers a number of career opportunities such as; volunteering (all our gallery attendants have volunteered either here or at other galleries and our current Education Curator started as a volunteer at MRAG during her Uni studies); internships for terttiary students; and we offer the Annual Brenda Clouten Scolarship which until last year this was a travelling scholarship but will now be for an exhibition in one of our prime gallery spaces.   

Also, if you have any advice on how a young artists may go about working with/approaching a regional gallery such as Maitland Regional Art Gallery it would be very much appreciated.  

If you look at our web site you will see we have a section for exhibition proposals. We will accept proposals from anyone and consider each one recieved on its merrits. In the past we have coordinated a number exhibitions of emerging artists either as a result of proposals or as invited.

 Through my research I wish to help young artists graduating from my year to appreciate the regional gallery system and what it can offer that metropolitan galleries cannot. We will be giving a presentation just before graduation to help educate our fellow students on different gallery opportunities open to them. 

Tamworth Regional Art Gallery
Hi Gabriella

thanks for your email. I am busy this week dismantling and re installing two new exhibitions. I will endeavour to answer your questions next week when I have more time.

Best Sandra

Lake Macquarie City Art Gallery
Hello Gabriella
Our Gallery Director and Curators are away this week. I will forward your email but if you don’t hear back soon pls try again next week.
I will attach an Expression of Interest form which is what we send to artists who are interested in applying for an exhibition.

Newcastle Regional Art Gallery

Hello Gabrielle, the Gallery doesn’t have any specific programs targeting emerging artists, and  although emerging artists are free to approach the Gallery for an exhibition (there is no form for such a purpose), it is most unusual for the Gallery to display work by artists who do not have an established reputation and exhibition profile. You may not be aware that the Gallery has over 5000 works in its collection and so one of our priorities is to display those works when possible. We often have exhibitions that are a mix of collection works and works from artists, but generally that will be because staff here have seen those works on display at other venues and admired them. We do have a bienniel art prize, The Kilgour Prize, which is open to everyone by submission. A short list is then pulled together by a panel of judges, so this year there were 265 submissions and 35 have been selected.
We do take occasional interns at the Gallery but they must be involved in tertiary studies in art administration rather than their own artistic practice. If I can help you with any further information don’t hesitate to ring me on 4974 5112,

Penelope Finnigan
Public Programs Officer

Hi, after my email yesterday this came across my desk - Thought you might be interested?
Regards, Penny

CarriageWorks is delighted to be the NSW delivery partner for JUMP 2011 (National Mentoring Program for Young and Emerging Artists) As delivery partner, CarriageWorks is holding info sessions in NSW for artists interesting in applying. Last Tuesday, we held a very successful session here at CarriageWorks, and coming up soon is our info session in Bathurst.

This is a great opportunity for potential applicants in and around the Bathurst region to get a full understanding of the program and ask/answer any burning questions.

Below is an e-invite to the Bathurst info session. Could you please circulate the invite far and wide and far again, to encourage young regional artists to come along, hear about JUMP and to work through any specific application questions.

If you have any questions on this, please do let me know.

Warm regards,

Grafton Regional Art Gallery

Hi Gabriella
Unfortunately we are unable to offer mentoring programs etc, we do hold a biennial art prize - The Jacaranda Acquisitive Drawing Award (JADA) which is on this year, a selection panel chooses  up to 55 works from entries received and a winner is chosen by a judge, this year the judge is Julie Ewington and the prize is $15000.
You can check out the Gallery website to view our programs and the JADA.
Our exhibition program is booked 18 months - 2 years in advance and artists wishing to be considered for exhibition at Grafton Regional Gallery need to apply by completing an exhibition request form (attached) which is reviewed by the Director and Curator.
We are administered by our local council and run an extensive volunteer program as we could not operate our extensive programs without assistance. Staffing is 2 x fulltime (director and admin officer), 1 x part-time (4 days/week - education/public programs officer), 1 x casual curator (2 days/week) and 1 x trainee curator (1 day/week).
I hope that this answers some of your queries.
kind regards